Monday, June 17, 2019


Born on October 1, 1991, in the southern province of Rwanda, Butera Ingabire Jeane a.k.a BUTERA Knowless is a Rwandan Singer, Song writer and actress.
Butera Knowless is a unique child in her family, she lost her father in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis and lost her mother few years later.
BUTERA Knowless start her music career in 2010 with her first hit single Komeza. Butera kept proving that she was in the industry to stay when she released her 1st album called Komeza in 2011.
She singed a record deal with the biggest record label in Rwanda called Kina Music, which help her to produce her second album “UWONDIWE” and third album called “BUTERA”.
Hits like “Nzabampari, Warurihe, Follow you, Baramushaka” increased her fan base in the east Africa and some other countries around the world. She performed in different countries such us Rwanda, Uganda, Belgium, France, Hollande.
Knowless has won different awards such as:
– Best Rwandan new artist 2010
– Best Rwandan female artist 2011,2012,2013
– Best album of the year 2013
– Best video of the year 2013
– Best artist of the year 2013
– Best female artist “Diva awards”
Butera Knowless also has been a brand ambassador MTN Rwanda for 2 year; she is also a UNICEF Rwanda ambassador.
Recently Butera Knowless has released her 3rd album called “Butera” and she has a tour a head Canada, Burundi and Rwanda.