Monday, May 20, 2019


Kora Award Picture 1

Born in Gabon, a French-Speaking Country in Central Africa, this 25 year old Pastor’s Daughter showed early signs of following in her Mom’s Gospel singing footsteps. Since her childhood days she’s been passionate about singing, taking the lead in many Church Choirs and appearing in Mom’s music Videos which all contributed over time for her to become a magnificent Vocalist and very capable Song Writer.

In 2010 Bussine moved to South Africa, the Land of her personal Icon and Hero – Nelson Mandela – in order to benefit from the rich Cultural diversity whilst pursuing a Professional Career as a Singer. She

went on to win many Singing contests, including The Wow Factor, hosted by veteran Musical Theatre Producer, Richard Loring. It was at this event where she met one of the Final Judges, Producer/Composer Gabi Le Roux. This contest was offering to the winner a “Recording Contract”. Having that in mind, Bussine sung her heart and wrote the story of her first album by becoming the winner of the Wow Factor. In January 2014, Bussine signed her well deserving ‘Recording Contract” with Gabi Le Roux being the Produce.

Over a period of one and a half years, Bussine has worked tirelessly With Producer Gabi Le Roux (who has produced music icons such as Mandoza, Lebo Mathosa, Danny K, Brenda Fassie, and many more) to complete a magnificent 12 track album entitled MusiQ. Each track on this mixed English / French Masterpiece has its own Character and Story to tell, ranging from the heartfelt ballads “Hero” and “Mon Petit Être” to dance floor hits including the first Single “Believe” which was first unveiled by the artist during a live performance on SABC 2, Hectic Nine-9 Show for Africa Day last month; “All Afrikan Party” and “Je Parle d’Amour” to the silky-smooth RnB injection, “Tu Me Fais Voler”. Bussine’s magnificent vocal talent is showcased in every offering and nothing is left intended, with each of the Le Roux Productions living up to every international benchmark. So finally here it is, made for each and aII pure Music Lovers to indulge themselves in it…Bussine MUSIQ.
A Star is born and Bussine is here to stay!