Monday, June 17, 2019


KORA AWARDS AfrikaPatrimony : Udu


Origin of the Udu The etymology of the word Udu just jar or bottle in Igbo language, a Niger-Congo language. Initially, the udu was used as a pitcher to fetch water and keep cool. This jug could also be used to preserve food, to fish or to pick fruit. There is a similar instrument to the Udu India and Pakistan ... Read More »

KORA AWARDS AfrikaPatrimony : Le Tama


Tama (Serere, Wolof, Mandinka, Bambara) gangan, dumdum (Yoruba) kalangu (Hausa, Songhai) odondo (Akan), lunna (Dagomba) karangou or kalangou, also called the “talking drum” is an Instrument percussion family membranophones native to West Africa. Similar instruments exist in India (Huruk) and Japan (ōtsuzumi). In the history of Senegal and Gambia, Tama was one of the musical instruments used in Serere tradition “woong” ... Read More »

KORA – All Africa Music Awards Launches in Namibia


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   KORA All-Africa Music Awards Launches in Namibia   (Windhoek, 20 May 2015) In a move that brings the journey full circle, the KORA All-Africa Music Awards will be returning to Namibia for the 2015 edition of the event. It is a little known fact that the event is actually the joint brainchild of Namibian President, Dr. ... Read More »

The KORA, the 21-string African musical instrument


Discover more better The KORA, the 21-string African musical instrument symbol of divine wisdom while through it’s purity pierce and penetrate everything. History harp pegs are also used, but both can still cause tuning problems in damper climates unless made with great The earliest European reference to the kora in Western literature is in Travels in Interior Districts of Africa(1799) ... Read More »

CULTURE : Discover the LOKOLE


#Music   #Percussions The lokole is a traditional slit drum played by the Mongo people in different areas of the Congo region, in the Kasai area. It is used both as a musical instrument and as a log drum to send messages in the bush; for example, it is known to be played to announce someone’s death to the neighboring ... Read More »