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Born on April 28, 1978 in Huambo, Angola, singer Jandira Sassingui aka Pérola sails between Angolan rhythms (kizomba, semba, Caribbean (zouk) and American (R & B, soul) and a capella songs. Such as “Presta Atenção”, “Amor”, “Doida” or “Omboio”, performed in Portuguese, earned it a continental reputation. In 2005, Pérola was crowned “Best Feminine Artist of Southern Africa” at the Kora Awards in Durban , in South Africa.

Jandira Sassingui began singing at the age of 8, and since then she has cultivated a great passion for music, which will come to fruition through singing and dancing performances with neighbors and friends as a pastime. Later, his various performances will enable him to participate in competitions of Music and Dance during which the enthusiasm of the public reinforces his confidence on stage. At the age of 13, Jandira Sassingui settles with her family in Windhoek, Namibia, where she continues her studies without relegating to the background her first passion, “singing”. From 1997 to 2001, during her academic year at Concordia College, Pérola, a member at the time of the group “Earth Girls”, is often asked for performances of dance and singing for each recreational activity. Afterwards, in Windhoek, Jandira Sassingui participated in a “Discovery of Talents” contest organized by the Catholic Church and won two awards: “Best Duo” and “Best Female Performance”.

In 2005, Pérola joined the artistic caravan to represent Angola at the International Specialized Exhibition “Aichi Japan”, in Nagoya, Japan. She is then invited to sing at the official ceremony for the presentation of year-end vows to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Angola. 2007, year of graduation in Law at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Pérola is invited to the 2nd edition of the reality show “Big Brother Africa”, then participates in the 1st edition of the “ Divas Angola Award “. A year later, she became the host of Viagens, a television program on channel 2 of the Angolan Public Television (TPA). In the same year, she was invited to sing at the TPA Internationalization Gala in Lisbon, Portugal. On August 1, 2009, she released her second album, Cara e Coroa, including the “Amor” and “Doida” hits, which earned her 3rd place in the “Top dos Mais Queridos”, “Vozes Femeninas” (Female Voices) and “Gala Divas” in Angola. The same year, Pérola is co-presenter of Bounce, a television program, and is named Ambassador of Angola for the CAN 2010, the African Cup of Nations to be held in Angola from 10 to 31 January 2010. Its title “Omboio” Will also be chosen for the inauguration of CAN Orange Angola 2010.